Pre-planned Capitol attack

Why ignore pre-planned evidence of a Capitol building attack on Jan 6?

The linked NBC article above reveals a couple of things. First, there were reports of impending violence at the Capitol building. The FBI and the NYPD had warned Capitol Police about the possibility of violence ahead of the attack. And guess what? “NBC News has reported that a digital flyer made public on Instagram and Facebook last month referred to what would happen as “Operation Occupy the Capitol.” (RIP Parler, here’s to hoping you get a platform again.)

So the FBI obtained credible and actionable information about individuals and were able to discourage them from traveling to D.C. right? Then why were the Capitol police unprepared for an attack. More importantly, according to the story linked, why did the mayor of D.C. tell the Justice Department officials that she didn’t want or need their help? At what point, given the intelligence confirmed delivered to the Capitol police, did the mayor think that was a good idea?

There is now an emerging story that National Guard backup was denied by House and Senate security officials, according to the Capitol Police chief. The Philadelphia Inquirer ran this story on January 11.

Lastly, the former U.S. attorney for northern Alabama, Joyce Vance, states, “The challenge for FBI and DOJ is to assign a permanent priority to domestic white supremacist terror groups and treat them as seriously as they treat foreign terrorism.” So then, shouldn’t there be a permanent priority to domestic ANTIFA and BLM rioters and terror groups as well? I mean, why should we just make it “white people”. In case people have forgotten, there were violent protests that resulted in loss of businesses and loss of life in major cities this summer where “BLM” marched and razed city blocks. They terrorized random motorists. They threw home-made bombs at police cars and denounced them, demanding that we “defund the police”. And some cities complied. Then they wonder why their crime rates spiked to all-time highs for murder.

I think it’s more than time to call a spade a spade. There are Right-Wing extremists. There are Left-Wing extremists. Nobody is really keen to admit there are stains in their own parties. But we must denounce them equally. Rather than charge up the race card and call out one or the other, citizens should be equally appalled by both. Disdain and woke-ism should never be a thing of convenience. We drag out the dirt when it supports our cause because it makes it like we don’t stink on our side as much.

Americans should be opposed to the violence 100% no matter where it is, when it is, or who is doing it. Because ultimately, the rest of us suffer for it. And it will continue to be impossible to hear each other until we separate genuine conversation from violence. Be better about your politics. Research the truth and don’t run snap-stories and cast judgement before you know the facts. People can be better than that. And let’s realize together- this was not the impromptu attack of genuine peaceful protestors who have a protected right to be heard. This was a pre-planned attack.

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