Overcoming Tech

Vice.com – ISP blocks Twitter and Facebook to protest Anti-Trump Censorship

I think we can very clearly see that there are roadblocks that have to be overcome before the primaries happen in 2022. This is just the first of them. How do you overcome something that has become so ingrained in our lives? Nobody goes anywhere without tech and everywhere you are, you can see people consuming technology for their enjoyment. Sometimes, technology is more enjoyable than the people around you. One of the most dangerous things about technology is that if allowed, it consumes our lives. From selfies to videos to online trending, technology has interwoven itself into our psyche as much or more than any other social aspect of our lives.

There are many who think that technology should just be put away on the back burner and that a total separation is warranted. If it causes so much trouble we might as well just dump it in the trash and pretend it never existed. But the truth is that it is so integrated into our existence that instead of getting rid of it or breaking the habit, overcoming tech is more an issue of using it wisely and smartly.

Social media, for example, is not currently leveraged powerfully in Republican campaigning. The television has been replaced by the smartphone and the digital store front that is right at your finger tips. Everyone has access to everything they could want. When it comes to approval seeking, you only need to spend a few minutes on the “like” machine to instantly feel better about yourself and how you stock up to others. We all know that this digital self-image is deceptive. It makes us try to live up to a standard that is super-human and at the same time less than human. But social media is here to stay.

So how do you use it smartly to your advantage? Earlier last week I posted an article about the Democratic strategy to use this new wave of social media to their advantage. This is something the Republicans have been woefully ignorant of. You can try to make the excuse that it’s a tool of the young, but if you’re being honest at all, you know that social media is how to reach the masses and its power should never be ignored. What fuels the race wars and cancel culture? You guessed it- social media. And the Democrats used that to their advantage.

In the years to come if we are going to fight back and build a stronger Republican culture, that means updating the image and understanding what works in a digital war and what doesn’t work. Ignoring it is not a strategy so we as constituents need to push with our representatives that a stronger digital presence is required. That will require a little teaching, a little understanding, and probably some prototyping to get it right. But I hope that those who are considering running and those who are considering creating their own party have thought of this.

I don’t know if any party can successfully run straight off the MAGA platform. Rather it will need to be a smarter, re-branded version of America First. I’m just a lowly blogger, but I feel the need to shed some light on this. Use digital media in a smart manner. Learn how it impacts overall imaging and make technology serve your ends rather than the other way around. This is a forum that could be a conference all by itself.

New Mexico patriots have learned how to use social media and truthfully have stepped up their game in this area, but I think a strong marketing brand will be the first step of any candidate in their bid make a difference.

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  1. Digital American Independence will be the name of the game in 2021, as we find ways to build up and support conservative communities, without making ourselves vulnerable to those who want to pull the plug on free speech. This is bigger than merely dropping Twitter and switching to Parler. This could be about creating a whole new Internet.

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      1. I can appreciate what you’re doing. This year I’m offering pro-bono services on select projects, because I want to do my part to help conservative American biz recover. Watching many of my clients go out of business last year was absolutely gut-wrenching.

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  2. I know what you mean about social media being a powerful tool, and I think Donald Trump does as well. However, I don’t see how the Republicans can use social media to their advantage with all the censorship going on. The big tech guys control everything.


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