Impeach to Unify?

Bloomberg article

This is (not) the way. This isn’t even an impeachment that has standing. They didn’t even listen to the content of the speech. They didn’t bother with the evidence that the Capitol was breached before the speech even concluded. Facts are no longer facts. When I studied journalism, we were taught to ferret out the facts: who, what, when, where, why and how. None of those matter to the DC Swamp.

So then why impeach? If the facts show otherwise and there’s one week left, why? Are you hiding something? Because this is not going to convince the people of unity. What are you hiding? Is this how you stamp out any future presidents? Will you set the message that the Swamp is no place for creatures unapproved by the Swamp? When will you listen to the people? There are at least 75-80 million people, minorities and people of every race, gender, sexual orientation that you have alienated. And we don’t want unity with whatever you are trying to sell. We see you clearly. We know what someone who is America First looks like. And we see the Swamp very clearly.


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