Whiteness Over Democracy?

Nancy Pelosi- the people who chose to storm the Capitol building chose “whiteness over democracy”. Insanity! Once again the democrats are playing the race card and think that they are in the right. Watch the Rumble video above. They call it out nicely and I heard it on the radio earlier today. To find the most recent racist issue, you have to look further into the past before Obama and Oprah!

Opportunities abound in this country, but how long is it acceptable to play the race card to advance an agenda? In my mind, opportunity knocks for everyone if they will take the chance, answer the door, and do some work to get to the future they want to see.

Moving into the future with the Republicans, does that mean we need to choose a minority candidate? Let’s not make the same mistake in assuming skin color means more than content of character and qualification. That’s the culture of the Democrats that they have carefully curated over the years, going so far as to indoctrinate many people into believing that skin color matters and determines whether you can achieve any degree of prosperity or God forbid equality.

Am I saying that there aren’t opportunities to help the class of citizens living below the poverty level? No. Am I saying even that there are not a higher share of minorities enduring poverty? No. What I am saying is that we need to do better without making a point of telling others that their race has anything to do with how far they can go. It’s not a problem with an easy answer. But it is a problem that will not be solved with socialism. If you think that’s the case, you should go visit an Indian Reservation some time. What you will see there is the perfect example of the radical Left agenda.

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