End of the Day

It is very hard to know what to think or how to feel. If you’re anything like me, you’re exhausted with everything going on. Maybe it’s the ceaseless lockdowns. Maybe it’s the election-fatigue. Or maybe you’re tired of all of it. For months, many conservatives have worked tirelessly to support the President and the Republican Party. Some of us pushed it harder than others, knocking on doors and making phone calls. Some of us went to as many support rallies as we could.

But at the end of it all, we are seeing the dark winter that was promised approaching as swiftly as a winter storm. They ask for unity but then turn around and censor conservatives for wanting to ensure their vote was counted properly. Then they throw caution to the winds and start forcing compliance via a variety of gestapo-like methods. Conservative individuals to entire social platforms to public figures are deleted, canceled, and silenced. How can this possibly be the country I grew up in? It isn’t the country to be proud of, nor does it remotely resemble the freedom that the rest of the world has looked to for support.

I would dare say that we cannot afford to finance any foreign entities any longer. We have to take care of America First, as much as people don’t seem to enjoy that concept. I’d like to see term limits enforced on our legislative branch. For years I’ve thought that our Congress is comprised of people who have been in place too long to be able to effectively handle the modern problems faced by the country in this modern era. And that has regrettably shown itself to be wholly true in this last election. People are tired of hearing about the election, but let it be said all the evidence in the world cannot overcome a much stronger force than fraud: the trained brainwashing of the media.

On both sides I’ve seen people quick to accept the first thing that even remotely resembles what they want to believe, no matter how insane or how lacking in validation that piece of information actually is. I’d like to believe that Americans are learning to discern for themselves between truth and wishful thinking. The anons are having a field day because finally everyone under the sun that’s conservative is tuning into their carefully crafted threads of stories. And the more insane it is, the more people want to believe it. That should tell you the level of despair that is running rampant among the conservative base.

What’s the answer? Combat anger, even righteous anger, with effort. If Trump has left any lasting legacy, it is that people are more awake and aware. The failures of today are the result of failures of the past. Lack of involvement at the local level has led to where we are today. Lack of real choices in primaries are the fault of nobody but the people and if the people want their republic back, they had better hope that it’s not too late to get involved. Time will tell. But I think both sides can readily agree on one thing; the candidate pool has been mysteriously terrible. Last summer I saw a campaign sign that read simply, “Any functioning adult, 2020”. That alone should trigger some thought. The creatures that reside in DC have been around too long and have inbred more of the same for the most part.

Election reform needs to happen. And any Republican in the House and the Senate had better work on ensuring reform rather than rolling over. No more Lindsay promises to investigate followed up by silence! Remember the primaries are only 2 years away. The Democrats don’t care if you keep your office. And if the will of the people is ignored like it has been through this farce of an election, you can bet the people also don’t care if you keep your office.

Where does this leave us, the conservative-minded individuals? You don’t have time to sit back and grumble and whine about what was fair or wasn’t fair. We have been shown the evidence and we’re all adults so we can decide what to do with the information given to us. Nobody can argue that there isn’t a lot of time to seek out candidates and begin the push for reform. And if we turn into a Patriot Party? Well that’s an even longer road, but maybe it’s the only way forward. These last days of the current administration will tell us more about who we are as a country and what we will be fighting for going forward, if anything.

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