Building a Better Party

I think it’s time to talk about fixing the mess we are in for. We really don’t have even a minute to spare before the primaries will be upon us. For New Mexico we know that means several things- we need to find and support candidates for our Governor slot and we need to look forward to figuring out what we are going to do about the Republican Party of New Mexico.

Now that you’re awake, as we all should now be, you realize what’s wrong with the country and the current political party system. There’s some soul searching to do here for all of us: do we continue to try and repair our current party or do we get involved in forging a new party? There are serious pros and cons to each, but only one does not have to be built from the ground up (rebuilt from the ground up could be an equal amount of work).

If there is anything we learned in the last four years, it’s that seventy-five million of us are no longer prepared to accept the current party as it is. RINOS have settled in to the swamp and are far too good at self-preservation to be of any real use when the heat is on. Do you know how to get involved? Ask a Republican.

The next option is the Patriot Party that everyone is designing logos for left and right. They want to run on the same principle as MAGA right? Wrong! Well, only partly right. There will never be anything like Trump again unless he runs for 2024. But they want an America First party, the party that will be FOR the people, not FOR the government and their pockets. Don’t sell the United States to other countries to line your pockets and don’t sit in the Congress chambers collecting dust along with your abnormally large paycheck while you have a job to do for the people. Did you know the Patriot Party existed before? If you propose a new political party altogether, then you have literally mountains to climb in the next years to get there.

We need to see how the cards fall, but we need to be planning for a future as well. It’s time to stop listening to the people who hope for a final card to be played. Maybe it exists and maybe it doesn’t. Would the consequences be worth it? Look around your house and your family and ask yourself that question. Then let’s get to work.

No, I’m not suggesting the whole “give up on Trump and the Trump card” thing. But I’m taking a first glance at the reality in front of us. I hope we have a future. If we are going to be suppressed and our votes don’t matter then perhaps this is the end of the conservative voice altogether. We already have seen the ugly truth that is the result of winning at any cost. And it will get worse before it gets better. You know you have a duty to this country. There are so many ways to go do it together, but it’ll only be accomplished by those who do more than pop out of the woodworks every two or four years. As I learn more, I will post more. Be safe everyone. Have faith. Plan. Let the crazy rhetoric on the Left be their undoing, don’t let the crazy rhetoric on the Right be your undoing. Again, if I’m wrong and everything goes into the wind then I’ll be happy to apologize. I will stay on the path of faith in humanity and hope for the future.

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