Sidney Powell’s Report

The Sidney Powell report

The evidence is in. Read for yourself and download it to preserve a copy to ensure that it doesn’t disappear. Hundreds of pages of evidence and sworn testimony of foreign interference in our elections! And now what happens going forward? The next several days are going to be critical for us as a nation. Do not be deceived by the mainstream media and do not listen to what they say. As news is disseminated I will try to blog it here.

This evidence is supposed to be sufficient to turn the election around, if and only if our system does its constitutional duty. We’ve already seen that SCOTUS is willing to ignore the fraud until the right evidence drops. This also paves the way for a certain Executive Order. I am hoping that we may yet see results to save our Republic, but the truth MUST be distributed to the public and shown to the world. Be ready, we live in the time when explosive truths are being revealed. 2020 and 2021 are setting the precedent for things to come. Have we lost our unique and beautiful republic forever? Or will it yet be saved?

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  1. Thank you To each one of you that has put so much time and effort into saving our great country..
    We love you !!!


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