Riding in the Sun

It was a little cold for riding today, but I decided taking a break from the madness in the world would be good for me. I was right. When things start falling down around you, sometimes what you need is to get away from it and just enjoy the elements. In this case, enjoying the elemental wind, even if it’s cold, was well worth getting bundled up for. I think I’m doing pretty well with cold weather riding. Chaps or warmer long underwear might serve better than thin leggings under jeans. Bumblebee rode well the entire way.

I’ll be a little honest, I wasn’t sure how well I’d fit in with my new-found friends at first. They’re all Harley riders and here I am on my 3-wheel Spyder. But they’re good people and we went down to the next town south of us and enjoyed a meal before heading home. Turns out we have a lot in common besides just enjoying the wind- almost all of them are conservatives that are banned from Facebook at least. Almost all of us are on our second accounts, some on the third one.

This isn’t an entirely politics-free entry. Tech censorship is in full-blown McCarthy-era mode. You can’t be a conservative and be considered part of “polite society”. This is ok for most of us; I think we just don’t care about fitting in and we’re all decided that our path to individual happiness has been pretty okay without the help of the masses/ the government.

Parler is going to be shut down at midnight. Rumor has it that it will be back up and running afternoon tomorrow. I’m hoping so because I’ve started to enjoy that platform quite a lot. I’m pretty proud to be part of an effort to maintain free speech; it’s why I started this blog, after all. What’s weird is that Big Tech feels that this is the way to shut down Americans from supposedly “organizing violent protests”. Which is to say that they are hell-bent on silencing opposing voices, violent or not. Again, this is something that should terrify all of us. This is a dystopian power-grab for control over the minds of the many.

Meanwhile– I’ve been watching Twitter. Tick-tock. Tick-tock. Turn off your phone’s automatic update.

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