John Gouldman lays out the lie

It’s not a short read. This article lays out some seriously inconvenient truths about the Capitol protests, Occupy Democrats, and how the DNC set the social media stage for their needs. Really, it’s brilliant!

One of the biggest challenges that faces conservative politics is the knowledge and willingness to use modern tools to their advantage. Think about it. If one can unite many media accounts into creating a storm of viral posts it’s not wonder other voices would be literally blown away.

In the last several days, conservative voices have been going dark. It’s like watching the stars quietly blink out of the night sky. You may not notice under the glare of the city, but once you get out into the country that lack of light is more pronounced. The far left is engaged in creating an echo-chamber for themselves that will allow them ultimate power and no contesting voices.

Probably the only way to combat this is again to refuse silence. Find a voice, know it’s important, and get it out there for the world to see. Even if your audience is small, you have a chance to be heard.

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