Big Tech Censorship contin

And now Amazon is at it along with Twitter and Facebook. Parler is no longer going to be hosted on AWS. This is another egregious attack on free speech. Limiting a platform for ‘inciting violence’ when there are mostly conservatives online that are trying to continue organizing in the name of their beliefs. The giant oligarchies must be taken apart. There is a reason monopolies are frowned upon; they stifle free trade and now they stifle free speech.

It looks like Parler will need to migrate- this is a great example of why you always have a backup contingency plan. Look at the alternatives, but they may not survive long either.

How much lower can they go? When they maintain absolute control over the digital lives of the masses, they are TOO POWERFUL. Section 230 must be eliminated and Big Tech must be brought into check. They can turn on anyone that does not bend to their big money ways. They will destroy anyone that does not feed their bottom line.

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